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What is Aloha Poké

What is Aloha Poké

Poké (pronounced “Poh-Kay”) is a Hawaiian staple and the choice food of surfers. Traditional Poké comprises of seasoned Ahi (Tuna) tossed with toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions and scallions. It’s great on its own; but for a heartier meal it can be consumed over rice and salad. At Aloha our Poké is always prepared fresh with generous amounts of tuna or salmon lightly marinated in our secret sauces and topped off with a wide selection of Add-ons and Superfoods.
It’s not just Tuna Tartar… it’s Aloha Poké.


Aloha Poké is the first of its kind in Singapore. Staying true to our Hawaiian heritage, our fish is seasoned to perfection, with each bite taking you back to that perfect sunny day on Waikiki Beach. The crisp vegetables will remind you of the refreshing breeze of the Pacific Ocean. Aloha! Poké will keep you grinding (Hawaiian slang for eating like there is no tomorrow) without the guilt factor.

About Us

Aloha Poké is opened by 2 couples, looking to bring a taste of Hawaii to Singapore. We first experienced the love of poké while vacationing in Hawaii in Sep 2014. After returning to Singapore, and unable to find suitable alternatives to quell our craving, we started to experiment with making our own poké. After numerous iterations, remembering the taste we fell in love with in Hawaii, we created recipes for our 3 flagship flavors: Original, Wasabi Mayo and Spicy.


The secret formula – prepare each bowl with love. Our food is never dressed, even in its purest form, it is stunningly beautiful. Our objective is sweet and simple, to provide a healthy, tasty meal that is made of the highest quality ingredients.
Taste the Freshness of Hawaii at Aloha Poké…

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Every bowl is served with rice and salad, your choice poké, and topped off with scallions, pineapple and lime. Choose 2 complimentary adds-ons and 1 superfood from our comprehensive selection.

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Tiki Bar

In the same spirit of the Islands, Aloha Poké transforms into a Tiki Bar in the evening serving Hawaii inspired Tiki Cocktails and mouth-watering Tiki Treats. Come experience a true Hawaiian Luau (Hawaiian party or feast) in Singapore without ever having to board a plane.

Our Tiki cocktails are specially designed with tropical liquors such as Malibu, Spiced & Jamaican Rum, Midori and Aperol – an experience not to be missed. Check out our Signature Cocktails like the Fiery Passion, Mauna Loa, or Big Island Iced Tea which are only available at Aloha Poké. Alternatively, for the more traditional, you may opt for our Classic Cocktails including Maitai, Blue Lagoon, Pinacolada, Hawaiian Stone Sour, just to name a few.

The dinner menu promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Tiki Treats include Hawaiian all-time favourites like Musubi and Lomi-Lomi. For those with a hearty appetite, try our Ultimate Poké Bowl, Kahlua Pig or the Loco Moco.






Get in touch

Aloha Poke is located at
92 Amoy Street Singapore 069911.

Opening Soon
Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-46
Singapore 018984

If you have questions or comments,
email us at info@alohapoke.com.sg.
Alternatively, drop us a message
in the box to the left!

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